essays through the lens.

a photo captures
light, beyond what we can see.
we make the meaning.

look up.

sunrisesun comes up smiling,
brushing away night's repose -
insensitive jest!

(A) fog on a fielda fog on a field:
weary cloud come to rest in
a tow-away zone.

two birdslook up. you will see
two birds painted on the sky
in prim'ry colours.

waterwayface reflected on
the water's surface like a
lucky coin cast in.

canopyleaves scribbled on sky -
a lifetime of growth twists
branches into hands

tropics in the subtropicsdark green foliage drips.
a lone fish swims in circles.
all quiet in green house.

it will appear on postcardsone day, people will
say this is an artifact
from another time.

look up.

photos by carl bundesen